Listen carefully

Let there be tears
Blending desires

Alright everybody, listen carefully:

I want everyone to crouch down and I’m going to turn off the lights.

Stop it. I know what you’re thinking. And seriously, you should be ashamed! This is serious time…

Stop giggling.

Ok, so I want everyone to crouch down and I’ll turn off the lights…

And then when the 900th follower on my page walks through the door, I’ll turn on the lights and I want everyone to jump up and yell, “SURPRISE!!!

And you all BETTER be wearing clothes when I do it! I don’t want it to be like LAST time.

That was embarrassing.

Ok. So be ready!

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10:12 AM : Counter reaches 900


Wait. How come no one did it with me?

And why are my shoelaces tied together!?

Y’all are a bunch of jokers. That’s what you are.

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