Awww yeah, like a…jerk

Other people's problems

That awkward moment when you mean to say something nice to the pretty girl behind the counter — the one who is paying an awful lot of attention to you — but in the course of your brief chat, you finish the conversation by saying something that kind of makes you seem like a total jerk.

Note to self:

Saying “Well, good luck with that” and walking away is not a great way to finish a conversation with someone who just said “It’s going okay so far. I just started my shift.”

There’s “cute awkward” — and then there’s the awkward that makes someone want to curse your name and throw darts at your picture.

Blast yoooou silly awkwardness!

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Lloyd Rosen: I would have just thought, well naturally you must be a time traveler that has already seen my horrible demise in the next 20 minutes after slipping on my own drool after our conversation that lead to the collapse of my life as I knew it because I stubbed my toe which in turn made me late for work the next day which of course had the butterfly effect and on and on and on and rippled throughout my life….. damn you time traveler types that change everything!


David Locke: You should have cards made up for such an occasion and hand them out as needed.

I’m Zero Dean, you may remember from such stammers as;
“Well, good luck with that!”,
“If you’re you, and I’m me, then who’s who?”,
“Abs like this don’t come cheap”, and
“Feel that, that’s boyfriend material. What cops?”

If you’ve heard me do this, please don’t be frightened. It’s just my way of saying “Hi, I find you very attractive and it has caused my brain cease intelligent conversation. Please accept this phone number and coupon for a free dinner as an apology.