Laundromat Jedi

Tiger Sauce?


Zero Dean, doing more laundry at the laundromat by 8:30 am than most people do by 9.

I know it’s true because no one is here.

Unless they all got their laundry done before I walked in! O_o (place opens at 6:30am)

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From the comments:

James: so possibly everyone else got more laundry done by 7 than you did by 8:30?

Zero: Those people are laundromat Jedis.


Some people have trouble with “Changer #2”, but I didn’t.

I read the note and thanked it for cooperating.

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From the comments:

Vik: I think its rather presumptuous of Changer #2 that it thanks you for your cooperation before you give it.

Zero: Thanking me? I thought I was being told that in order for cooperation, I should thank it.


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