It's been a while!

Talking to pigeons
Target's polite conversation department.

Walk up to cafe counter. Greeted by a male manager who I vaguely recognize…

“It’s been a while! Wait…how long has it been?”
About a year.
“Whoa. I didn’t realize it had been that long! What have you been up to?”
Oh, you know, traveling. Photography. And stuff.
“Very cool. What can I get you?”
Just a coffee, I think.
“A mug or a to go cup?”
Oh, I’ll take the to go cup — it holds more.”
“Here you go!”

*I go to hand him my card*

“No man, it’s on me today! It’s good to see you!”
Thank you! It’s good to see you, too!

I’m always amazed by who remembers me and how contagious kindness really is.

(Same place, 2 years ago)

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