I used to be funny

And what does this title mean?
You feel me?

That awkward moment you update a social media profile and among other details, you write, “I used to be funny”. And regardless of whether other people ever found you funny or not, the fact that you no longer do is kind of depressing.

And it eventually eats at you so much that it compels you to try to find the humor in your life. And as you do, you find it. And it reminds you that as dark as the world can sometimes appear, it doesn’t mean that your life isn’t still full of silly ridiculousness.

The fact is, when times are tough, humor is often what we need to survive those times without going completely mad. If you can find the humor in life and make someone laugh, do it. Even if that someone is you.

I used to be funny. I still am. But I used to be, too.
*Nod to Mitch Hedberg