I think I have a drinking problem.

Ironic health food
You must make a lot of money!

Got a refill of hot water for my tea. I let it steep for a bit, then place the top on on my thermal beverage container… but I forget the oh-so-small detail of screwing it on tight. I mean, I’m a busy guy — who has time for such “trivial” details?

Time passes.

I’m sitting here thinking, “Boy, I could really go for a nice sip of fresh brewed tea — wouldn’t that be delightful? Oh look… there’s my tea!”

I proceed to reach for my oh-so-innocent looking thermal beverage container — *cue the music from JAWS* — thinking the top was on — I mean, what kind of idiot wouldn’t screw the top of their thermal beverage container on tight?

Ah — but the top was not on tight (you should realize this by now).

And so just as I get a nice sip of the aforementioned and highly anticipated tea in my mouth, an unexpected rogue unit of liquid proceeds to trickle out of my thermal beverage container and onto my lap — but I am oh so enjoying my tea, that I don’t immediately notice… until I feel the hot wetness pouring onto my lap in just the right way that makes it look exactly like I completely wet myself.

This was 15 minutes ago.

I may have to sit in this spot for another hour before I don’t look like someone with bladder control issues.

That’s fine.

And although no laptops were harmed on this day (unlike this day: http://bit.ly/kMBG4b), I can’t help but think I really really really should get my next laptop insured — or a Lenovo with spill protection.

Just saying. :)