"Feels like"

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I always find it amusing when weather reports indicate what the temperature is, but then also tell you what it “feels like”.

It’s 70 degrees — but it “feels like” 77.

I mean to think some dude gets paid to go places and tell you what it feels like…

That’s how it works, right? ;)

Well, I want to be that guy.

“The temperature gauge says it’s 88 in Springfield. Quick, get Zero over there to tell us what it _really_ feels like!”

“88, eh? Those temperature gauges know nothing, folks! It feels like 89!” … “But if I take my shirt off, it feels like 87!”

I want that job. Send me everywhere. I’ll tell you what it “feels like”.

Doesn’t even have to be weather related.

Want to know what a fake leather couch you saw on Craigslist feels like? I’ll go there and tell you.

“Feels like the belly of a baby alligator after it’s been fed.”

Never tried Sriracha sauce before? I’ll tell you what it feels like.

“Feels like sucking on a spicy 9 volt battery.”

Making out with a supermodel?

Well, see, now you’ve gone and stumped me. But if you help fund my “Feels like” project on Kickstarter, I will make it a priority to find out!

With enough money we can do anything!

Oh yes. Let’s do this.

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