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You may say I'm a dreamer


Highly intelligent people with diverse backgrounds to become part of a special ETS Team.

ETS Personnel will be responsible for explaining the inner mechanisms that allow certain seemingly nonsensical things on the Internet, in the media, politics, and in daily life, to actually “work”.

Please submit a document highlighting your area(s) of expertise along with at least one attempt to explain a seemingly nonsensical phenomenon.

Submit your entry by the end of the day and you automatically become eligible to win a limited edition “Explain This Shit” T-shirt.

Good luck to all!

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From the comments:

Chuck: I frequently am approached by people, all asking the same question: “Have you seen this shit?” After a careful analysis, I offer them a succinct assessment, such as, “That’s bullshit,” “Well, shit happens,” “Yeah, it’s good shit,” or “How do you like that shit?”

Carl: It usually comes down to reversing the polarity on the main deflector dish, and routing a stream of tachyons through it by way of the dilithium crystal.

That, or a buttered cat array.

Pam: Well I would love the opportunity to join the team, but I just had surgery and I’m not supposed to make any important decisions!! :D (giggles)

RE: Explain this shit (we know memes)