Dear word creators

Foggy windows
He really said that?

Dear word creators —

Walking into Target, this is what the doors say:

Exit (x4) | Not an entrance (x4) | Entrance (x4)

And it occurs to me that naming something that it’s not seems rather odd — and, frankly, that there really should be a proper word for “Not an entrance”.

Because this is like having 12 animals lined up…

4 of them are cats
4 of them are rats
4 of them are bats

And you decide to label the cats as cats, the rats as rats, but you label the bats as “not cats”.

See how silly that sounds? And that’s why we need a word for “bats”, because surely we can do better than “not cats” or “not an entrance”.

(It’s astonishing feats of logic like this that makes me think I should’ve tried out for the debate team).


Not an ape

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