Confection defection

Ninja problems
A disturbance of Zen


Walk into cafe. Go to order coffee.

One of the staff is talking to a manager while holding a pastry, “What do you think about this?”, he says, pointing at something on its surface.

The manager takes a close look at it, “Looks like chocolate.” (the pastry obviously bumped into something that had chocolate on it at some point in its journey)

I speak up, “Oh man. That’s terrible. You should probably throw that out –”

Which they do whenever they have a “defective” product…

“– but if you do, you should just toss it over the other side of the counter over there,” I say, pointing to where my laptop is set up.

They laugh.

I finish ordering my coffee and go back to my table.

Where a defective, but delicious, pastry is waiting for me.


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