Single, but happily taken
Hand diving

It’s all fun and games until your mobile bill doesn’t get paid. And then it’s all,

“WTH! Why can’t I get 4G!?”
“Hey! Why isn’t my internet working!?”
“Hey, why is this page popping up!?”
“This isn’t the page I was looking for! Reload!”
“What is this crap? Why does this Virgin Mobile page keep popping up!?”
“Oh god. I’ve been hacked! That’s why.”
“This is actually kind of funny. Wait until I tell the Internet about this.”
“No, wait. I haven’t been hacked. Virgin Mobile must’ve found out I tether my phone for Internet! They’re onto me!”
“Oh dang. Now what am I going to do for Internet!? I’m screwed.”
“Hey, at least someone’s getting some around here. Hahaha. I’m so funny.”
“Wait. What IS this stupid page that keeps popping up?”

*Reads page* “Your account is past due.

I swear, whoever’s in charge of paying my monthly mobile bill is in for a serious talking to.

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