Chips & guacamole

Zero's Cupcakes on a Katana™
My next genius idea!


Sooo… the cafe cafe I’m sitting in is next door to a Chipotle.

Moments ago one of the women who work next door was having a conversation with some folks behind the counter here – talking about chips and guacamole.

Not paying much attention, because I was in the middle of inventing “Cupcake on a Stick™”, I spoke up (jokingly) and said, “I love chips and guacamole!

Because I do, in fact, love chips and guacamole. So much so, that I am willing to declare it to a complete stranger in a cafe.

Anyway, the woman left. And I didn’t think much of it.

But a few minutes later a bag landed on my table — this bag. Full of chips and guacamole.

It’s official, I have the power of FOOD!

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