Cash for gold

Pandas, fast!
Oh, brother

I love that there’s a thing called “Cash for Gold EXPRESS”.

And every day to and from the gym I see a guy at the edge of the parking lot waving a sign advertising it.

As if somewhere in the vast network of shops that make up this strip mall area, I’m going to come across a gold nugget that I will want to rid myself of immediately.

Or more likely I’m going to stop a thief from stealing a purse from an old lady and she’s going to reward me with gold pieces she has tucked away somewhere.

And then, while I’m trying to figure out what to do with my newly acquired gold, I’m gonna see this Cash for Gold sign waving guy and be like, “Woohoo! Gold crisis solved!”

But then I’ll be like, “But I don’t want it to take too long.” And then I’ll see the EXPRESS part and know that it won’t.

Wow. That would be a really good day.

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