Cafe mug request.


Me to cafe cashier: Can I get a mug?

“Don’t you usually have your travel container?”

Yeah, but the last time I used it, my drink tasted like metal. I think the lining might be flaking off.

“Ah, like the teflon on my pots and pans.”

Uh-oh, that’s not good.

“No, it’s not, ’cause I’m pregnant, too.”

Well, you’ll probably have an easy birth.

“Why is that?”

No-stick baby! Comes right out!

(Horrible joke — but she laughed.)

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Teflon : Public Service Announcement:

On a more serious note, the chemicals that make up Teflon and “non-stick” materials have been found to be unsafe in a Feb 2006 report by the EPA.

And according to an Enviroblog post (the blog of the Environmental Working Group), “PFOA is [also] linked to birth defects, increased cancer rates, and changes to lipid levels, the immune system, and liver.”

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