Breakdown: An unexpected adventure…

Good luck, bad luck. You never know.
Zero's are wild.

It started simply enough…


And thus, I begin my journey north — to the enchanted land called Los Angeles — where I will scout out photo shoot locations and work with other humans to create works of “wonder”.

As in, “I wonder what the photographer was thinking!? Eeewww!” ;)

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What’s the thing that makes your car stall out on the freeway again?


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Follow-up after some follower comments:

It’s all good. No real issues for a few years, it was bound to happen.

Called Toyota Roadside Assistance. They’re sending a tow vehicle. $66.

Funny thing is, I came to a stop adjacent to the local Toyota dealership. No brainer where to go. Just wondering about accommodations now… This could get interesting.

Tow guys will be here in 40 mins.

I don’t think of it as bad luck. Who knows what trouble I’m avoiding up the road. I will just take it as a sign I wasn’t meant to be in Los Angeles today.


Look at this kickass wheelie! Oh, she has style. :)


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Looks like I’m taking this other girl (on right) out for dinner. She’s 10 years younger, but has nothing on you, darlin’…


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OMG. It has so many buttons and space aged tech things.

And it’s so quiet. I feel like I’m flying a spaceship.

She’s gold, too — coincidence?

I kinda love this car — It’s no 2002 4Runner, but I bet it gets better gas mileage.

I feel like my adventure is having an adventure! Woohoo!


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