Another reason why I need a time machine.

New and improved?
Knock knock jokes
  • Receives email.
  • Writes response to email.
  • Reads email — before hitting send — to see if it’s funny.
  • Funniness of email is confirmed!


  • Sends email.
  • Reads email again to see if it’s still funny.
  • Immediately notices typos.
  • Immediately thinks of ways it could be funnier.

Blast you puny man brain!

No matter what I do, my emails always look different after I hit send. I truly need an email “fail-safe” where my email isn’t actually sent until I’ve hit send at least 3 times.

But until someone awesome makes that for me, I’d like to start a campaign that makes email completely retractable/editable until it’s read by the recipient.

This should be totally possible.
And this would change my *life. (*the past 30 minutes, anyway)

Here we have yet another reason why I need a time machine. :)

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