A peaceful protest

Silly stuff
The molecular chemist

Walk into cafe.

All the tables with outlets are taken.

The kind, older couple I’ve written about before (Frank & Irene) are sitting at one of the tables I sometimes sit at and drinking coffee together.

They greet me as I sit at a nearby table.

As I open up my laptop bag, they stand up. I look over…

“You can have our table.”

“What? Oh no. Please. Enjoy your coffee! I couldn’t.”

“You need it more than we do.”

Despite my protest, they gather their things to switch tables with me.

Seeing that I’m outnumbered, “Ok, fine. It’s two against. Not even fair.”

And Frank says, “Now don’t say we never saved you a table.”

“I won’t! I’ll have to make it up to you.”

“You better!” says Irene, laughing.

I love these two.

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