A glitch in the Matrix

Learning to web comic is fun.
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That awkward moment when you post something online — and then reread it later and something you said makes absolutely no sense.

And now you can’t decide which is worse:

1. The fact that you wrote something that makes no sense — but it made perfect sense to your brain when you wrote it (and therefore, you might be losing your mind) or

2. The fact that none of the people reading your post:

  • (A) noticed you made no sense or
  • (B) noticed, but didn’t bother to tell you.

And if (A), you now realize the people following you might actually be as loony as you, too…

And if (B), then you now imagine that making these kinds of mistakes must be a common occurrence and people just assume that’s your “thing”.

You think I doghouse that a lot or something waffles!? O_o

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