Whatchoo drinkin' on?

Standing in the self-serve coffee section in Panera Bread.

A server walks up, “Whatchoo drinkin’ on?”


“Lemme gitchoo a freshun”


He walks off and comes back a few moments later, “Canna fit much innis cup!” he says, pointing at my cup, “You wanna bigguh cup?”

“Naw, I’m good, but thank you!”

Super friendly guy. And sincere. That was pretty cool. I’m not making fun of his speech. It’s just his speech WAS FUN. Happy dude. :)

From the comments:

Ashley Renee Burke: One of the many reasons to love the south

Zero: Yeah… and we weren’t at a register. He was just refilling coffee when I was there. He went in back and got me fresh Hazelnut… and then offered to swap my cup for a larger one. People like that brighten my day…I just want to hang out with them. ;)

UnUrban Coffee House


Walk into a kind of “funky”, locally owned coffee shop in Santa Monica, California.

This place has character. It’s also empty. Journey is playing on the radio. The Cashier hears me enter and greets me with a smile.

As I go to order, she puts her hand up and says, “Hold on. We’re having a ‘Journey moment’.”

I stand and smile. Moments pass. We just stand there. And finally The song winds down…

“Ok”, she smiles, “How can I help you?”