I just smiled and walked away.

And today she finally looked at my credit card when she swiped it.

And I said, “Did you just look at my name?”

“Yeah. That’s really your name? You sound like a spy.”

“Yeah, secret agent.”


“No. You can tell because I don’t have an accent.”

“Ah, but maybe that’s just what you want me to think!”

And I just smiled and walked away.

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One and Two

At the checkout counter, the woman looks at the name on my card…

“That’s your name?”
“I’m just curious… Do you have any siblings?”
“What are their names?”

*straight face* One and Two.

*she laughs — then catches herself when I maintain my straight face*

“Are you being serious?”

“Wow, that’s–”
Nah! I’m just messing with you!

*she let’s loose a huge release-of-tension laugh*

It’s good to have some fun with it from time to time.

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