Oooh! A puzzle!


Just met this weird bald guy with crazy piercings.

His head was covered with what looked like symmetrically placed pins.

He handed me this intricately designed rubix cube like box and then kind of just disappeared. Maybe he’s in the locker room.

Anyway, the box looks like some kind of puzzle…

I’m going to play with it…

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Alien invas… celebration.


To anyone truly worried about the apocalypse, please be assured that it’s not going to happen.

Trust me. I know. This news is coming directly from the transmission I’ve been picking up from our gray alien friends colonizing on the dark side of the moon.

In fact, they’re trying to keep it a surprise, but rumor has it that they’re planning a special “It’s not the end of the world” celebration tomorrow.

Lots of “fireworks” they say.

I’m excited!

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The Final Countdown


Going to the gym to wait for the apocalypse.This may be my best and last chance to find a woman I know can keep up with me when we’re running from…

Please let it be zombies!
Please let it be zombies!

I’m thinking that I’ll just hold a boom box over my head and blast out “The Final Countdown”.

Best verge-of-the-apocalypse girlfriend getting technique ever!

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Re: Say Anything (Boombox scene)