Wanted: A good man


Wanted: A good man.

seeking a Handsome, kind, authentically chivalrous, semi-intelligent, healthy & fit man with a good sense of humor…

And once I find him, I will use him as bait to catch a good woman.

Flawless plan for the win!


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The convergence.

Getting out of my car, I notice that a woman and I are converging upon the gym doors from opposite ends of the parking lot. She has her arms full and… Blast it! She’s ahead of me.

I increase my pace, my flippy floppies are pitter pattering on the pavement.

She sees me from across the lot.

I am intent on beating her to the doors. Does she know this? Does her pace increase slightly? Is this a game to her!?

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Like a moment from the movies.


Like a moment from the movies, I step out of my car just as a pretty girl with short shorts and a tank top is about to walk by.

Momentarily disoriented, I proceed to miss putting my phone in my pocket and instead drop it straight to the pavement with a thud.

The girl notices — and without missing a beat kind of laughs and says, “I hate when that happens”.

And then we *kissed.

*Okay, we only kissed in my imagination, but still. Instead, she kept walking while I picked up my phone and checked for damage (none — saved by the case).

In any case, whoever wrote this script sucks! ;)

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The red headed attendant


Walk in to 7-Eleven. I’m looking for the coffee station. One of the attendants — a red headed girl — walks up behind me, “Excuse me, sir! You dropped something!”

I stop and look down and scan the floor. I don’t see anything. I look back up and meet her eyes with a questioning look.

“You dropped your smile!” she says.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Ah, you found it!” she says laughing.

Soooo cheesy. It was awesome. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.