ZDCYC #003 : The Vegetarian Zombie Ski Bunnies!

Oooooh yeeeeah! — I was working on a web comic. ;)

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ZDCYC #003 : The Vegetarian Zombie Ski Bunnies!

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Vegetarian Zombie Ski Bunnies stickers & T-Shirts now available!

Just sitting here waiting on my next mission

For whatever reason, it’s taking me longer to recover from my recent dental work than I’d anticipated. I’ve been pretty drained & weak since last Saturday (my dental work was on Thursday) — despite sleeping 10 hours for the past 2 nights.

Fatigue isn’t a listed side affect of the antibiotics I’m taking, so I’m not sure what it’s a result of.

In any case, I haven’t been terribly productive. And although I’d like to be, but my body has other plans for now.

I can still doodle though.


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