Meet Bill Dollar

Hey everybody. I want to take a moment to introduce you to a new friend of mine.

His name is Bill Dollar. Yes, that’s his real name.

Cool guy. We’re going to be working together.

I’m excited.

Meet Bill Dollar

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From the comments:

Andrew Shelden: Please tell me he has a girlfriend named Penny Coin.

Bill hasn’t talked about his private life much, but when it comes up, I’ll ask.


Bill Dollar says you should always stop and smell the flowers

Bill Dollar says it’s always important to take time to stop and smell the gigantic dew covered flowers.

I think Bill Dollar is right.

Except for these flowers. These flowers don’t smell like anything, Bill.

These flowers were a huge waste of time.


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My birthday adventure with Bill Dollar

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NOTE: The following “adventure” played out over the course of a few hours — with those who were following along wondering what would happen next and being surprised with each photo. While it is still enjoyable presented all at once like this, it does lose a bit of the “adventure” aspect.

2:22 PM

Decided to go for a walk on my birthday with Bill Dollar. We came across some train tracks.

Bill tells me he’s always afraid of walking along train tracks because he fears he might twist an ankle.

I told Bill Dollar that he should probably be more concerned about oncoming trains.


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2:58 PM

As we walk along…

Bill Dollar thinks he heard something in the bushes.

I didn’t hear anything…


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3:11 PM

Turns out Bill Dollar was right! There was something in the bushes!!! O_O


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3:21 PM

Bill Dollar thinks this is a good hiding place.


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3:28 PM

Bill Dollar is wrong. This is not a good hiding place, Bill. This is a very, very bad hiding place.


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3:36 PM

Bill Dollar thinks we should do more cardio…


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3:52 PM

Even while being chased by a T-Rex, Bill Dollar makes a good case for being the Lego version of ridiculously photogenic guy


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3:57 PM

Bill Dollar asks if the T-Rex is still chasing us.

Yes, Bill. He is still very much chasing us.


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4:08 PM

Bill Dollar thinks we are incredibly fortunate that T-Rexes don’t know how to use stairs.

I just think it’s an incredibly convenient plot device.



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4:46 PM

It turns out T-Rexes have no problem navigating stairs after all, Bill Dollar!


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4:52 PM

I asked Bill Dollar why he is always smiling. Bill says he just loves life. Every moment. Even moments where he is being chased down the beach by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.




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5:46 PM

The End.



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Q: Who is Bill Dollar?
A: Bill Dollar is Bill Dollar. It has been noted, however, that he strikes an uncanny resemblance to a Lego minifigure in the upcoming Lego Movie. But that’s not Bill Dollar. That’s some other dude who looks like Bill Dollar.

Q: What did you take the photos with?
A: A Samsung Galaxy S3. I think my real camera would be overkill for now.

Q: Are we going to see more adventures with Bill Dollar?
A: I hope so. This was silly fun to do and I’d love to expand this concept even further. Way further.

Q: How did you develop the story?
A: I had Bill Dollar with me. And a dinosaur. I simply made it up as I went along — dramatic pause — through the amazing power of imagination!


What Bill Dollar likes to do when he has a little free time…


I asked Bill Dollar what he likes to do when he has a little free time.

He said he likes to find a good rock to sit on and watch the sunset…


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You’re such a romantic, Bill Dollar.


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Random surprises

February 17, 2013 : Random Acts of Kindness Day

11:14 AM

Thanks to a random act of #kindness by Andrew Shelden, Bill Dollar and I will be attending the LEGO Movie this afternoon.

Pics when it happens.

Thanks Andrew.

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1:15 PM

Bill Dollar was as surprised as I was to discover that the afternoon showings of the LEGO Movie were SOLD OUT. O_O

No matter. We’ll try again tomorrow.

‘Cause that’s what we do.


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