Zero Dean mobile app

As an independent original content creator, I was frustrated by social media networks that severely restrict the distribution of my work.

When people rely on social media to see your work, but then aren’t able to see it, there’s a problem.

So I worked with a developer to create an app that distributes my content in convenient way…

It’s called Zero Dean mobile. And it’s available now!
Apple iOS App Store | Google Android Play Store

It’s free. No ads. Just content.

The app provides easy access to all my content — from Zerosophy motivation & personal development, to the Zero Talking webcomic, to Zero Dean photography. It also provides app user exclusives, such as my podcasts.

There’s no catch here. No hidden agenda. Nothing up my sleeve. I just want to provide people an easy way to consume the content I create and this seemed like a good (albeit expensive) idea at the time. And also because Facebook sucks.

I hope you’ll take a moment to support an independent content creator and give it a try. Or maybe tell someone about it if you think they might like it.

Thank you.

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