Win some. Lose some.

Walk out of gym. Shorts. T-Shirt. Flip-flops on. Backpack over my shoulder.

I pause near the entrance to check a notification on my phone.

Two girls walk out.

“I like your toe shoes.”

I’m thinking, “that’s a funny thing to call flip-flops, but I like it,” so I say, “Thanks.” and then I add, “I don’t change for the weather. I make the weather change for ME!” and then I laugh — because I’m hilarious.

She says, “What?”

So then I repeat myself, “I don’t change for the weather. I make the weather change for me.”

She says, “Ha. Ok.”

And then the other girl goes, “Well, I like your dimples.”

“Thank you! Thank you very much.”

And then they got into their car and left.

I walk to my car, take my backpack off my shoulder, and it’s at that moment I realize the first girl was talking about my TOE SHOES (my Vibram FiveFingers!) The shoes I clamp onto the back of my backpack when I leave the gym. NOT my flip-flops.

Dang. No wonder she asked me to repeat myself.

So, that’s a FAIL in the Comprehension Dept, but a +1 in Dimples.

Mmmmm. Yeah…

I can live with that.

Vibram Five Fingers. "Toe shoes"

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