This post is more engaging

Someone asked me if I regretted moving from a page with over 42,000 followers and starting over from scratch.

Not. At. All.

I love it. And this image represents why.

This post is more engaging.

This is part of the Admin panel that page owners see. Posts that are more engaging get starred by Facebook (to encourage page owners to pay to reach a larger audience).

While I don’t care about paying to have my posts seen more, I do care about engaging my audience. And this rarely ever happened on my old page. Here, it happens often.

I’d rather engage a small targetted audience of real people who are genuinely interested in seeing my posts, than broadcast to a large one that:

  • May not even be real
  • Has little interest in my posts
  • Doesn’t ever participate
  • And may not even be able to read English

You all have made this move great. So thank you.

I love your posts to my wall, love seeing your comments, love your humor, love when you share, love when you message me, all of it.

Thanks again. You’re awesome.

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