The woman with the black eye

I am suddenly fascinated by this woman wearing civilian clothes, a holster on one hip (yes, there’s a gun in it), a big folding knife on the other, and a black eye. She’s sitting 8′ from me. And now she’s on a laptop — must investigate!

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Chris Wisor:

C’mon man. Go ask her. Go give her the story and tell her you have 20 people interested in whats going on. Just grab a spoon and pretend its a microphone. But set your phone on your table, aim it in that direction and hit “record” first. Cause if she gets up and puts you in an armbar, that will be great footage!

[time passes — and I haven’t posted anything]

Chris Wisor:

Wait, maybe he is over talking to her now. He hasn’t said a word…its either all smiles and joy….or arm-bars and pain.

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