Target's polite conversation department.

At Target witnessing a guy hitting on a woman in the health & beauty aisle. He’s oblivious to the ring on her finger, but doing well in the “polite conversation department”…

I had to chuckle at his game play while waiting for the hammer to drop…

“You like bowling?”, he asks.
‘Uh, yeah.’
“Heeeey, I like bowling, tooooo!”

He wasn’t trying to be funny, but I see potential in this kind of approach…


“You like eating food?”
‘Uh, yeah.’
“Heeeey, I like eating food, toooo! We should eat food together sometime!”

Anyway, they continue a bit and then the hammer…

‘I’m married.’
“Oh. I’m soooooo sorry. So sorry.”

He handled it pretty smoothly and they actually chatted a bit more.

It was a nice little show for the investment. (I started typing this before it was even over).

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