Seven days of hiking


Overheard in the men’s locker room…

“Hey! I heard you were doing seven days of hiking. That’s great! When do you start?”
“Oh, we’ve already started.”
“Oh, so you don’t stay out overnight?”
“No. We come back.”
“So you’re going back out today?”
“No. Tomorrow.”
“Oh. So you don’t go out seven days in a row?”
“No. Every other day, I think. It depends. We go 70 miles, so it can be tough.”
“Whoa. You hike 70 miles in a day!?”
“No. We hike 70 miles total.”

Not that 10 miles of hiking isn’t impressive, depending on the context, but it sure as heck sounds like this “seven days of hiking” is a lot like regular hiking, but with a 7 day 70 mile cap.

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*7 days of hiking… John Muir Trail. 224 miles. (video)


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