Now with 25% more!

The woman with the black eye


I will soon be 25% more mysterious than I am now.


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Zeddy™ Nominated

Andrew Shelden:

“My geeky math:

Margie says 25% more mysterious -> 100% + 25% = 125% (or 25% more interesting)

I say 25% more mysterious means only 75% as “revealing” -> 100%/75%=133% or 33% more interesting.

You see how I did that? Impress your friends with stupid math tricks.”

Chris Wisor:

Your math just locked up my brain! Can you reduce that to Zero’s and One’s so I can understand?

Andrew Shelden:

Margi says: 1100100 + 11001 =1111101
Andrew says : 1100100/1001011 = 10000101

Chris Wisor:

AWESOME!!!!!! He used REAL binary. Andrew today, YOU are the MAN!

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