My mutant powers are growing.

Walk up to cafe counter.

Cashier is occupied with something. Doesn’t see me right away. Looks up, and completely out of character, “What’s up?”

“Sup!” I smile. “How yoooou doin’?”

She laughs. The other cashier beside her laughs, too. “Here you go,” she says, reaching behind the counter to hand me a coffee cup.

“But I was — (going to order a bagel) — oh, nevermind.”

“Oh! Did you want anything else?”

“Nah. I’m good. This is good,” I say, walking away with my free coffee.

With my coffee in hand, I go sit down with my laptop and put my headphones in.

*4 minutes later…* someone is standing in my peripheral vision.

I look up…

“Here you go.” The cashier hands me a plate with a bagel and cream cheese, “You’re my simplest customer.”

“I’m — wow — thank you.”

“You like Asiago cheese bagels, right?”

“Yeah… I do. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

And she walks away.

My mutant powers are growing.

My mutant powers are growing.

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