I think at least 20% of the time I spend multitasking is spent trying to remember what it was I was working on BEFORE I was working on what I am working on now. (< -- Now a comic!)

Even though what I WAS working on before what I am working on now isn’t even what I started working on in the beginning — but at some point I must have given up trying to remember what THAT thing was and started working on something else.

Which is a shame, because I almost always start working on what I’m supposed to, only to end up working on and finishing something else entirely.

It makes me wonder if I shouldn’t simply start on something completely random with hope that my multitasking will be a more direct path to finishing the thing I really wanted to get done in the first place.


Yeah, that’s how I feel when I multitask.

Maybe I shouldn’t do that no more.

Do what?

I don’t remember.

Guess I should write a blog post about it…

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