I got a Golden ticket!

A case of mistaken identity
Sorry inconvenience


I got a Golden ticket! I got a Golden ticket! … Oh, wait..

See the comments on Facebook.

Better view of the alleged crime…

See the comments on Facebook.

Zeddy™ Nominated (epic thread)

Julie McCartney: Zero’s a bad-boy! He’s so dreamy!! <3 <3 !!!

Margi Cole: I have to agree with Julie, you breaking the law is a tiny bit hot! :-0

Melinda Caroline: I just luuuuuuuuuv me a law-breakin’ man. Come ‘ere, baby. ;-)

Zero Dean: COME ON PEOPLE! 4 more comments and we break 100…

Chad Kreutzer: +3 to Zero for trying to fluff the point layout on this thread.

Melinda Caroline: I think we’ve already demonstrated that breaking the law is extremely popular… and weirdly attractive.

Margi Cole: Breaking bad!


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