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Sorry for the short notice, but I’ll be giving my first #TED talk in the Best Buy parking lot in San Marcos, CA in 5 minutes. Rain or shine. BYOB.

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Welp, apparently you can’t just show up somewhere at random and give a #TED talk and call it a TED talk.

And you especially can’t invite people to a public parking lot in the middle of the day and tell them to bring their own beer.

And a 5 minute heads up isn’t enough of a heads up to get many people to show up.

So that didn’t go quite as I planned it.

That said, I’ll be sure to make a few adjustments give and more of a heads up when I give my next #TAD talk.

And I’ll also choose a more suitable location than a Best Buy parking lot.

I’m thinking the wood dept of Home Depot.

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