Good luck, bad luck. You never know.

[This post is a follow-up to my “unexpected adventure” yesterday and written from my phone…]

While I know that bad things do happen, I personally don’t believe in bad luck. Sometimes things that may at first appear like bad luck are actually good luck.

You never know when breaking down on the freeway is keeping you from something worse up ahead.

It may seem odd, but I *love* problem solving and I *love* adventure.

Of course, the expense of this will be a challenge and may have some serious repercussions, but I can’t change that.

So I focus on what I can do. And right now, that’s enjoying my rental spaceship and unexpected adventure.

Some strange signs:

I broke down adjacent to the Toyota dealership. Not long ago, I was in the desert. Surrounded by nothing. No cell phone signal. I prefer the former.

My gym is half a mile up the road from the dealership.

The tow only cost $66.
The rental only costs $30 day.
It could always be a lot worse.

So while this may be a challenge, there’s no way I’m going to feel bad about it. There’s no point. It wouldn’t do anything.

Instead, I plan on making the most of it. :)

This reminds me of a story (next post)

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