Finding the guy responsible

It’s come to my attention that whoever’s responsible for posting things around here hasn’t been posting things around here.

This creates a problem because — as a result of that person not doing the job they’re supposed to do — the sorts of things that are supposed to be posted around here don’t get posted.

And then as a result of those things not being posted, people who typically read and comment on those things don’t read or comment on those things.

So I am now on a mission to find out who the person is that’s causing all this trouble.

But first I have to find out who is responsible for finding out who that person is.

And once I find out who that person is, I’m going to find the person who’s responsible for keeping that person in line and tell that person to talk to that other person to keep them in line.

Or something.

Hold on. The person responsible for posting just posted.

What a strange coincidence.

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