That awkward moment you wake up to one of the loudest explosions you’ve ever heard and think it’s probably just the local nuclear power plant having a meltdown.

And then you remember what thunder sounds like.

And now it’s raining.

In southern California.

I know. I know. I should either go play the lottery or go to the gym and try one of my bad pick up lines.

Choices. Choices.

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From the comments:

Simone: Nah, you should be outside dancing in the rain.

Zero: “Hey! It’s raining! Care to go outside and dance with me?”

Oh yes, I can make this work.

Chad: You just gotta be ready to make good on it if she says yes.

Kimberli: Your next line could be, “Have you ever heard a thunderstorm from the inside of my car?

Zero: That made me groan, Kimberli. It’s perfect.

Kimberli: Mission accomplished! ;)

Rebecca: It doesn’t rain and/or thunder in southern California?

Zero: California is in the midst of a very serious drought. Rain is very rare, let alone thunder showers.

Catherine: Just remember to be humble.

Zero: Someone got offended with my “huge ego” on Google plus because I was talking about how humble I am.

So I’m not sure how to go about letting people know I’m really freakin’ humble at this point.

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