Analytical experience

Each day I always get a little excited about something happening during my day that inspires me to post something entertaining for you…

But that also comes with the pressure of, “Crap man, what if nothing funny happens!?”

So then I go about my day analyzing every experience…

“Was that funny?”

“Was THAT funny?”

“How about that?”
Ok, that was a little funny, but not good enough!

“What if you just post about the experience of waiting for something funny to happen?”
Dude, that’s lame… and yet… your audience will suspect nothing if you don’t tell them!

“I think you’re underestimating the sophistication of your audience…”
Yeah, they are pretty awesome, aren’t they?

“They’re the best.”
OMG. They are!

“Wait… are we, you know… manipulating the audience?”
Shhhh! Just hit send.

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