Accidental intimacy

First day off antibiotics. Woke up with the worst headache of the week… although most days in the past week I’ve woken up with a headache.

But it’s gone now (or possibly justed masked by the high dose ibuprofen I had left over from my root canals a couple weeks ago).

Can’t tell if the place where my extracted molar used to be is looking good or bad. I mean, it’s gross, but can’t tell if it’s gross in a good way — or a bad way.

Did not realize there was a “good gross” til just now.

Tried to eat Popchips the other day. That was a mistake.

Too soon. The experience almost killed me.

I’m probably exaggerating (slightly).

Saw gym girl for the first time in a week yesterday. Made me smile. *sigh*

It’s good to know she wasn’t taken out by the wildfires last week.

Sadly, I was unable to lift heavy weights in her presence, but I did my best to lean against gym equipment with style.

Haven’t felt funny or creative in a while, but have been enjoying my artistic drawing side. I guess that’s creative. It’s just a lot harder to draw stuff than it is to write a few words and hit send.

Still planning my world domination. Taking longer than expected (just like this recovery).

Looks like I need to pick up some more antifungal cream — WAITAMINUTE!


Oh crap. I’m on my blog.

Well that’s embarrassing.

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