A PCH adventure…

Yesterday I was on my way to Los Angeles from San Diego… but then I got stranded on the highway. But I did end up with a rental car — out of necessity — so today we ride!

12:49 PM

Was here. Signed a few autographs.

Only one of those statements is true.


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1:31 PM

So who wants to pose for a mermaid shoot in this water? ;)

Was here. Saw a dolphin. I’m good for the day. :)


2:19 PM

Was here. Got wet. Met a seagull named Jonathan.


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3:14 PM

Just met a bulldog named Butch.


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3:37 PM

The last time I was here, I climbed down and around this cliff in flip flops.

By some strange coincidence, the last time I was here, I broke a flip flop.

Not today. I’m sore from running. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. :)


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